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Mold Removal - New Hyde Park, NY

Licensed Air Quality Testing in for mold in long island . Mold inspections in Bayside. or in Nassau County

Is your home, apartment, or office getting you sick? Are you suffering from allergies, itchy eyes, coughing, or sneezing? Symptoms like these can be directly related to mold. Call Inspectro Inc.™ for comprehensive air quality and mold inspections  in New Hyde Park, NY. An inspection is the first step to determine if mold or poor indoor air quality is a concern.

A licensed mold inspection detects the types, levels, and potential allergic effects of mold, including black and toxic mold. A certificate of mold analysis will be issued from a certified environmental lab upon completion with detailed steps on how to prevent future mold.

What Is a Mold Inspection?

A visual inspection of the home cannot always reveal conditions of mold unless it's located in a visible location, which most often it's not. The only way to detect non-visible mold is with the use of a sophisticated air pump that draws a volume of air into a disc to be analyzed by a certified lab. An outdoor comparative air sample will also be performed and sent to the lab.

There are many types and levels of mold spores in homes that are determined by indoor air quality (IAQ). Mold testing should only be performed by a certified IAC2 specialist. Licensed New York State Mold Assesor. Certified VOC testing.

Moisture and proper venting - including  the use of air purifiers,dehumidifiers are all an important part of your homes Air Quailty.

Mold Removal - New Hyde Park, NY

Mold Testing
We provide full service mold testing for your home, apartment or office.  Mold testing will be conducted by a licensed mold specialist. There are three ways to detect and sample for mold: testing the air quality with the use of a pump, direct surface sample of the suspected mold, and an air sample behind a cavity of a wall. This a minimally invasive procedure. Call now for a licensed mold assessor in Queens. If you're looking for a licensed mold assessor in NYC or a licensed mold assessor in Nassau County. We also serve all boroughs and Suffolk County.

Air Quality
Inspectro Inc.™ provides VOC (volatile organic compounds), tobacco smoke, and formaldehyde testing. These tests can take between 45 minutes to two hours and sample more than 70 chemical compounds. A detailed report will be provided by the environmental lab, as well as recommendations and suggestions to lower exposure from VOC and other harmful chemical compounds, such as:

• Coating Paints
• Varnishes
• Light Solvents
• Fuel Oil
• Gasoline
• Cleaning Supplies

• Building Materials
• Adhesives

• Odors
• Carpeting
Serving Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau, & Suffolk County

Contact us at (718) 803-8928 in New Hyde Park, New York, for detailed licensed mold inspection at reasonable rates.